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Terry Doland, Owner
Terry Doland, Owner

Why Choose Express Printing & Graphics

You’ve heard it often: printers differ in capabilities and specialties, so you have to know how to match what you need with what a printer can do. We’re helping out by presenting the top ten reasons why you can confidently pick us to be your printer.

#10: We know how to print.
Let’s start with the basics: we have a mix of equipment for printing and finishing, we maintain the equipment in good working order, we provide formal training for our operators, and we enforce production standards for quality and output. Add all these factors together and it means we can set and meet the daily production schedule.


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Q and A: What makes a great customer


Based on our experience, we are pretty good at predicting which businesses, organizations and individuals will be a good fit with us. We develop a strong working relationship with customers who have:

  • a regular, recurring need for the kind of services we provide
  •  budget adequate for the job specifications;



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Vocabulary: Printing in Sunnyvale

AAs: Abbreviation for author’s alterations. Refers to changes made after a job has been submitted (such as changes in design, layout, copy, graphics or photographs). Printers charge for AAs.

Contract proof: A color proof representing an agreement between the printer and the customer regarding the standard for color and quality of the printed product.

Dummy: A folded sample used to show finished size, shape and binding requirements.

Hard copy: A printed copy of text or a page layout. Used to check for accurate transmission of electronic files or to proof read against.


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Idea Corner: Statement Stuffers


Do you have information you’d like to share with your customers, or products or services to promote? Would you like to distribute the information without the expense of a direct mail marketing campaign? Then try a statement stuffer.

Statement stuffers are a great sales tool often used by national retailers, utility companies, banks and credit card companies. Because of their small dimension..

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A Word From The Owner

So what are the favorite USPs of printers? For some it’s price; for others it’s an equipment list; and for still others it’s a claim of superior customer service. But for Express Printing & Graphics it is something different. We’ve organized our shop to make it easy for you to do business with us.

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Tips and Tricks for Getting Printing Quotes

In order to provide a quotation, we need to have firm specifications for the job. This includes the finished size, the paper, the number of ink colors, and whether the job will require any post-press operations (like trimming or folding) or special applications (like die cutting or foil stamping). We also need to know the quantity to be printed. With this information, we can give you a firm quotation.

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