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Smartphones in marketing today - Newsletters

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Terry Doland, Owner
Terry Doland, Owner

The Growing Importance of Smart Phones

It’s a fact – smart phone use is growing rapidly, and because of functionality, represents the new frontier for accessing the Internet and World Wide Web. There are even some pundits who believe that mobile phones may someday overtake desktop computers for personal use.

Sound improbable? We have a few statistics that might help convince you. We’ve assembled them from comScore, Inc., a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics:

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Q and A: What are the benefits of mobile media?

The construct for understanding the importance of mobile media was developed by Tomi T. Ahonen, an independent consultant and recognized expert in the converging areas of mobile telecoms, Internet and media. He identified six stages of mass media (print, recordings, cinema, radio, television, Internet) then added a seventh: mobile phones. Each media has its own content type, creative artists and technicians and business model.

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Vocabulary: Newsletters

2D code: a two-dimensional barcode; the dimensions are horizontal and vertical. 2D codes can store up to 7,089 characters, as contrasted with 1-dimensional barcodes that store 20 characters.

Mobile 2.0: the next generation of services that integrate the social web with the core aspects of mobility – personal, localized, always-on and ever-present. Mobile 2.0 is still being developed.

Mobile browser: a web browser used on a mobile device. Mobile browsers are optimized to display Web content effectively on small screens. Also called microbrowser, minibrowser or wireless Internet browser.

Mobile consumer touch points: talking, texting, capturing, sending, listening and viewing.
Opera mini browser: a popular browser for phone and iPhone.

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Idea Corner: Mobile Marketing Facts

Mobclix, a real-time bidding mobile ad exchange network for the mobile industry, recently published an overview of mobile app usage based on data collected from its iOS and Android users in June 2011. Here are some of the findings:

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A Word From The Owner

Recently I came across some interesting statistics about how we are now using smart phones. The Pew Research Center’s Internet and America Life Project 2010 Tracking Survey reports that the number of times we access the Internet daily from smart phones has almost doubled in the last year. Based on the fact that 20% of all consumers used their phones to browse and research products, and 37% of all smart phone users made a purchase on their phones in the last six months, and that mobile commerce tripled in the United States in 2009 to $1.2 billion,

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Tips and Tricks for Newsletters

Designing a mobile web site is very different than designing a desktop site. Here are some tips to keep in mind for mobile sites:

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