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Terry Doland, Owner
Terry Doland, Owner

Expand Your Marketing Outreach with a Newsletter

Every company or organization has an arsenal of marketing tools that share common characteristics: to introduce the company or organization to prospective customers; to describe the products and services offered and how they benefit the prospect; to show how your company or organization differs from the competition; and to create a favorable impression. Brochures, direct mail, a web site, press releases and a newsletter are all examples of common marketing tools; of these, a newsletter has the added benefit of demonstrating your expertise and establishing you as an authority.

Readers expect marketing newsletters to be informative, easy to read and to contain useful tips. This is the basis for establishing credibility in the mind of the reader and inspires trust and understanding that is the basis of a business relationship. When distributed at trade shows, networking groups, meetings and seminars, newsletters lend their credibility to brochures and other marketing materials.

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Q and A: What do I need to know about Newsletter Design?

A newsletter’s design has a big impact on reader reaction. To be sure your design is successful, remember these three Cs: consistent, conservative and contrast.

Consistency addresses the format of your newsletter. If printing in black with an accent color, select a color palette and maintain it throughout each issue. Use an underlying grid to organize each page. If your newsletter is short (4 pages or less), use the same grid for each page. Use templates and style sheets to control headlines, subheads and body copy.

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Vocabulary: Newsletters

Body: the text of a newsletter, excluding headlines and graphics. The newsletter content.

Byline: a short phrase or paragraph indicating the article’s author. Can be located between the headline and start of the article, prefaced by the word by, or may appear at the end of the article.

Caption: a phrase, sentence, or paragraph describing the contents of an illustration or photograph. Usually placed directly above, below, or to the side of the picture it describes.

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Idea Corner: Newsletter Topics

If you are finding it difficult to find topics for your newsletter, we offer these suggestions:

  • Interview an expert: Find someone inside your company or from the outside to provide an expert opinion on a topic of interest.
  • Use guest articles: Ask an expert in a complementary field to write an article.

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A Word From The Owner

If you order printed materials frequently, we think you’ll be interested in our automated online ordering system. Instead of e-mailing or calling in your order, work online and select the item you need to order from a list we’ve personalized for your company. You can verify that you’re ordering the item you intend by clicking on the PDF icon of the item, and we can set up your ordering system with quantities in a drop-down menu.

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Tips and Tricks for Newsletters

The content of your newsletter is what attracts and keeps reader interest by providing relevant, informative, entertaining and useful information. One purpose of a newsletter is to lend credibility to your company and to establish your expertise; this can only be accomplished if the newsletter is mainly information, with little or no advertising.

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