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Full Color Printing 

Direct Mail 

Identity Packages

Express Printing & Graphics is the leading source in short-run color printing.

We make color printing affordable with our digital offset printing equipment. We can print the quantities you need, when you need them and at a price that rivals any traditional printer.

If you're tired of spending your time messing with address labels, licking stamps or hauling heavy boxes to the Post Office, Express Printing & Graphics has a solution for you!

With our state-of-the-art mailing software and addressing equipment, we not only save you time and eliminate the hassle, we can get your mailing directly to your customers faster and for less money.

It is extremely important that your company has a corporate identity package that professionally conveys your image and reputation to your customers and prospects.

A well-coordinated business card, letterhead, #10 envelopes, and mailing labels can create a “suite” of printed materials that will create a very favorable impression on prospects or existing customers.

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Personalized URLs

1 to 1 Marketing

Business Copies

A terrific way to connect with your customers is to personalize your communications.  Now you can combine the power of the internet with effective direct mail marketing and maximize your results.

A personalized URL, or PURL, is a customized Web landing page with a unique address for each customer on your list and is a great direct marketing approach.  

Our unique tracking software allows companies to radically improve the effectiveness of their direct mail using Personalized Web Addresses and Landing Pages.


One to One Marketing communicates specific messages to targeted recipients, making the message more relevant and helping you communicate more effectively.

We'll work with you and your company to gather customer information and learn more about your clients’ needs, processes and goals. Then, we’ll take what we’ve learned and translate it into targeted messages that offers your customers real benefits, such as the right products, faster service and greater convenience. 

With the latest in copying technology and an unparalleled attention to detail,  Express Printing & Graphics  provides full-service professional solutions for all your personal and commercial copying needs.

Get the personalized service and state-of-the-art capabilities you deserve from a team committed to your satisfaction when you come to  Express Printing & Graphics. 


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