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Color Terminology for Sunnyvale Businesses

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We're a local Silicon Valley business too!

We're Express Printing & Graphics, a local business, located in Sunnyvale, CA. Being locally owned and operated, we take pride in the Silicon Valley community and want to help other Small Businesses and organizations reach their highest potential.


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We've been thriving in Silicon Valley for over 25 years, helping our customers grow their businesses. We transform our years of printing, marketing, mailing, and website experience into articles that are posted here on our website, Twitter and Facebook. Whichever method you prefer to get your local business ideas from, we are happy to inspire all Bay Area Businesses.


Our printing, marketing, mailing, mobile and web services

We offer printing, marketing, mailing, and website services from our location in Sunnyvale. Our marketing experts can help you find the optimal method of promoting your business. Whether it's postcards, mobile websites, social coupons, or an array of other choices, we can narrow it down to what works best for YOU and your BUDGET.


Terry Doland, Owner
Terry Doland, Owner

Color Terminology for Sunnyvale Businesses

Here is some color terminology to help you describe to us the color characteristics you are seeking.

Hue is the color name.

Value is the lightness or darkness of a hue.

Tint is the result of adding white to a hue.

Shade is the result of adding black to a hue.

Intensity or chroma is the brightness or darkness of a color.

Saturation is the relative strength or weakness of a hue. Full saturation is a hue at full strength.

Temperature describes a hue’s warmth or coolness. Warm hues include yellows, oranges and reds; cool hues are blues and violets. Warm hues accelerate the pulse, increase body temperature and elicit an extroverted emotional response. Cool hues are seen as receding, tranquil and passive.

Harmony is a scheme for combining color. The three most common harmonies are monochromatic, analogous and complementary. Monochromatic harmony is developed around one hue; an example is light, medium and dark blue. Analogous harmony is developed by choosing colors that are close to each other on the color wheel (yellow, yellow-green and green.

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