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Environmentally Friendly Vocabulary

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We're Express Printing & Graphics, a local business, located in Sunnyvale, CA. Being locally owned and operated, we take pride in the Silicon Valley community and want to help other Small Businesses and organizations reach their highest potential.


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We've been thriving in Silicon Valley for over 25 years, helping our customers grow their businesses. We transform our years of printing, marketing, mailing, and website experience into articles that are posted here on our website, Twitter and Facebook. Whichever method you prefer to get your local business ideas from, we are happy to inspire all Bay Area Businesses.


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We offer printing, marketing, mailing, and website services from our location in Sunnyvale. Our marketing experts can help you find the optimal method of promoting your business. Whether it's postcards, mobile websites, social coupons, or an array of other choices, we can narrow it down to what works best for YOU and your BUDGET.


Terry Doland, Owner
Terry Doland, Owner

Environmentally Friendly Printing Vocabulary

Acid-free paper:
paper that has had the acid removed during manufacturing so it has a neutral pH. Acid-free paper is often used for documents that need to be archived.

Carbon sequestration:
the process by which carbon is removed from the atmo- sphere and stored in soil, biomass, geological formations and the ocean.

the conversion of forests to other land uses including agriculture, cattle ranching, urbanization and other uses. Also called forest land-use change.

ECF/TCF papers: papers made from pulp that has been bleached using hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine. ECF = elemental chlorine free; TCF = totally chlorine free.

Forest conversion:
the process of converting a natural forest to a cultivated forest. Typically accompanied by an increased focus on wood production.

the practice of making unsubstantiated claims of environmental responsibility about a product, service or company.

Managed timberlands:
forests owned by timber companies that are managed by planting more trees than are harvested.

Mill broke:
in a paper mill, the trim and other scrap paper resulting from the paper manufacturing process. Mill broke is recycled within the paper mill.

Paper recycling: the process of recovering waste paper and reusing it to make other paper products.

Pre consumer waste: material that was discarded before it was ready for consumer use.

Post consumer waste: material discarded after consumer use. Examples include magazines, newspapers, telephone directories, office and residential waste paper.

Scrap paper: paper suitable for recycling.

Supply chain:
the steps through which paper-based products go beginning with tree harvesting and ending with final product distribution.

Tree farm: a type of managed forest where trees are planted and harvested repeatedly in a recurring cycle.

Virgin fiber:
wood fiber that has never before been used to make paper or a wood product.


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