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Local Search Marketing

Put your business on the map

Local Search is the best way for local businesses to be found.

We can help raise the search visibility of your business by:
  • optimizing local pages
  • review card program
  • implementing key online strategies


Let us help you get to the top
Being findable by local consumers online is known as Local Internet Marketing and requires a great deal of experience and expertise.

EPG’s team of internet marketing experts can optimize your local search criteria to help you on your journey to the top.

We can help your local page by:

  • implementing key placement strategies that moves your listing up the results.
  • local pages optimization
  • customer review cards to online reviews

Does your business need more customers?

Smaller businesses can now keep up with their corporate competitors affordably using local search.

The three major search tools, Google, Yahoo and Bing have all created their own versions of local search. This type of search will automatically detect where a searcher is geographically, and give them results that are physically in their area.

Now, when you go to a search engine and type "attorney”, a map displaying several listings for the attorneys geographically closest to you will appear in the top of the world-wide search results.

Local Place Pages

Search engines can now display your company name, address (or service area) and phone number right in the search results. It will also display a link to your website and Local Place Page.

Local Place Pages are like mini-websites hosted on Google, Yahoo, and Bing that offer maps, reviews, and other information on your company.

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