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EDDM direct mail


It's Never Been Easier to Zero in on Your Target Markets! 



What is Local Leads?

  Our Local Leads program delivers your selling message on a jumbo postcard to all the homes in your selection of neighborhoods. We have numerous neighborhoods for you to choose from; neighborhoods where your most qualified customers live. We then design, print and mail your message into their homes; making reaching your target market easy…

With our Local Leads program, you can:

    Build traffic
    Reach new customers
    Increase sales
    Reduce mailing costs
    Eliminate marketing hassles

Now every small business can reach customers and prospects with a precision never before possible.
We provide the complete mail marketing package to you: we design, print and mail for
less than the cost of a first class stamp.


We Do The Leg Work, You “Reap the Reward”


Our program offers benefits other advertising can’t.


It’s targeted. You select specific mail routes and Local Leads puts your message into every mailbox – this saturation means no exclusions due to a bad mail list – you message goes to everyone.

It’s full color! We use full color, large size cards for better response. That means a large, eye-catching mail piece which is much larger than the standard 4”x6” postcard.

More selling opportunities. Because of the size, you can include more offers or coupons to help increase your response rate.
More message for your money. Our Local Leads card allows us to print your offers on both sides of the mailed piece.

No USPS Postage Permit hassle required. You traditionally needed a permit costing as much as $450 to send postcards through the mail. Using our Local Leads program, you   not only eliminate that charge but we do it all for you.

No mail list needed. We take care of the details so the postal service will deliver your piece to each door in the mailing routes you pick.

High Response. Local Leads has a high return on investment (ROI). The USPS statistics show that for every $1 invested in direct mail $12.50 is returned in sales.

Delivered Intact. Local Leads mail never goes through processing equipment. It goes directly to the mail carrier - meaning your piece arrives in perfect condition.

Cool Web Integration. We can integrate your message with QR Codes and Mobile Websites to take advantage of the new Internet technology as well.

Our Local Leads program is the most economical and targeted way to keep your business and message on the top of the minds of everyone in your targeted neighborhoods. Get started today by calling us for a free idea session as well as an estimate of costs.


 Increasing Sales is Now Easier!



Take advantage of two key marketing facts for less than the price of a first class stamp.

  1)    Mail has a much higher response rate than electronic media. (2012 Response Rate Report from the Direct Marketing Association)

   2)    85% of a business’s customers come from within 5 miles of their location (BizReport 2010)

Our special Local Leads program helps you zero in on your customers where they live so you can sell more products and services.



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