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1 to 1 Marketing

1 to 1 Marketing

Personalized communication can translate into an improved bottom line--market research repeatedly indicates that sending a tailored message can elicit three times the response of a traditional mass mailing. Express Printing & Graphics offers a full range of direct marketing products and services so we can take your 1:1 campaign from an idea all the way to tracking your response rates. We develop and coordinate marketing solutions to get the right message to the right audience.

Customer loyalty is the foundation of business growth. Those who has ever been aggresively persuing business development knows that obtaining new customer is much more costly and time-consuming than growing the business through selling to an existing customer. 1 to 1 marketing has the power to personalize your communications in a way not possible with other technologies. Each personalized communication further ensures your commitment to each individual customer.

Call or e-mail us and let us help you go 1:1 with your customers.

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